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23 C-cab Super Kit (chrome)


Product Information

23 C-Cab Super Kit  (chrome)                    

    C-Cab Delivery with Floor, Insert, and Doors(installed). The doors are hinged and latched.

    Standard 23 T Grill Shell

    C-Cab Frame Fully Welded with Brackets for Ford or Chevy

     Chrome Spirit Style Radius Rods Assembly or Hairpin Style Radius Rods

    Chrome QA1 Coil Overs

    Chrome Rear Pan Hard Rod

    10 Bolt Drum rearend housing with welded brackets(8.8 disk is $200 more) The rearends we get from a salvage yard and clean the up and weld our brackets on them. The is no guarnatee on the gears and everything else is just an added bonus. We are selling the housing.

    Chrome Front axle Kit

    Chrome Spindles with Alum kingpins

    Chrome Steering Arm

    Chrome Slingshot Arm

    Chrome4 ¾ Caliper Bracket

    GM rotors 4 ¾ bolt pattern Brake rotors(Ford rotors are available)

    Brake calipers, GM with pads

    GM Rotor Assembly Kit

    Chrome Dust Shields

    Chrome Drag link assembly

    Chrome Steering Link Assembly

    Chrome Front Pan Hard Rod with bracket

    Chrome Friction Shock Assembly

    Master Cylinder

    Brake Pedal Assembly

    Grade 8 Bolt Kit(silver plated)

    Brake Line Kit

    Polished Stainless Steel Flaming River Steel Steering Column

    Polished 2" Column Drop

    Polished Steering joint

    Steering Wheel

    Standard Sealed Beams

    Polished Headlight Stanchions

    39 Tail Lights

    Chrome Alum Gas Pedal

    AHC SB Sprint Style Headers

    26" Slip Over w/glass (AHC)

    2 Row Aluminum Radiator

    GM Turbo 350 Shifter

    Hot Rod Shifter Boot

    Upholstered Fiberglass Seat (any color)

    Interior Upholstery Kit

    16" Chrome Windshield Kit

    12 Circuit EZ wiring Kit

    6 piece Mechanical Gauge Kit(white)

    Chrome Vega Steering Box with arm

    Throttle Cable

    Headlight Switch

    Headlight Dimmer Switch

    Ignition Switch

    Radiator Hose Kit 48"

    16"  Chrome Heavy Duty Fan

    Over Flow Tank and Trans Cooler and Radiator Cap(Smooth)

    We also offer power brakes. The upgrade is $260.

    *Frame does not come painted

Product Code: 23J22


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